Warm up Day

After 4 years of planning, today, Sunday July 15, dozens of students from all over the world walked onto Tel Azeka, and delicately gathered topsoil for replanting by the National Parks Authority. Squares are now cleared prepared and geo-positioned each on their own grid. Two sections to the South, one to the East- I am there, in Efrat’s section, facing the Elah Valley), one on top, and one to the west- E, S1 and S2, W, and T. ( Off the bat I found 5 jug handles, 2 definitely from the biblical period. I am psyched). We’ve got months of geophysical work showing features under the ground, which indicated where to dig, plus Bliss and Macalister’s notes of 1898-9. Staff set up on Friday to be ready, as you see in the photo.

France, Australia. England, the US, and even Israel are represented, with Germany on the way, and more.  

Today- waking up 4 hours from now- we dig!


Published by azekah

A 13-acre site, in the Judean Lowlands, with hopes for a better future.

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