Second Day

It was wonderful to drive from Nes Harim seeing the bright stars, and then walk up with cool breezes at first light. Everyone was also heartened and appreciative of the consideration that we would end by 12 to avoid the intense heat. What is more exciting are the first finds! A bronze Scytho-Iranian arrowhead, hard to date, but either Assyrian/Babylonian/Persian, was found, perhaps in a destruction layer of fortifications! More: a sheqel weight, a letter or two on pottery, a small well shaped mortar and pestle, a coin, grinding stones, a beautiful flint cutting edge, a beautiful sleek Hellenistic oil lamp, a sling bullet, and more. And in our area – Azekah East – we have reached 60 scorpions!

Shatil gave our section an on site lesson in surveying. Efrat’s night classes on technique are helping understand how to record data, and she and Shatil are giving us opportunities to actually do the work and learn it for ourselves. 

Following Prof. Lipschits’ introduction talk last night,  Ido Koch will discuss the history of the Judean Foothills, the Shephelah, the subject of his dissertation. This will give the participants- some of who never traveled out of their home country before, some of who were never in Israel and many who never excavated – a sense of where they are and why the excavation is important. 

This Azekah blog is being interlinked with the excavation website, facebook page, and youtube channel – now celebrating its third hour since creation-  so images and writing from participants, and movies can be accessed and enjoyed. I gave up seeing the latest finds at Tel Es-Saf Gat with Aren Maier to work with Bob Cargill and David Willner on various media. The loss is mine, and the gain will be yours. As I write, Bob is experimenting with a media post to see if the system is ready for you to contribute your thoughts and images. Much to look forward to! 

Please continue to send in comments.

My mother asked that we post a map, and offered to proofread my writing. Now that’s what I call strong support! Thanks Ima. 




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