Shatil Speaks: An Overview of Week One

Shatil Emmanuilov is the archaeological surveyor of Tel Azekah. While his colleagues are square managers, Shatil supports them all by taking measurements and helping record the excavation as it descends lower and lower in each section. This is most important to properly understanding the historical layers and architecture that is uncovered. As a roving reporter, so to speak, Shatil has a broader perspective than those of us “in the trenches”.

At the barbecue he looked relaxed and happy. I asked Shatil to review the first week:

It was great and the volunteers are fantastic.

It is great because in every single section we are engaged in actual archaeology and archaeological analysis.

There are floors and walls.

Boaz in Western Azekah has walls. Ido on top has a wall.  Keren in Upper South has a wall. Omer in Lower South has a wall. and in Efrat’s Eastern area you have walls which have us thinking.

Pottery is a great aid to dating, but it is architecture, the actual house, fortification, palace, which is the object of reality we are looking for and seek to understand. That is coming to light all over.

Thus spake Shatil. Very encouraging.

Boaz Gross told me he has Middle Bronze, Late Bronze and Iron Age finds and that his volunteers “are super, are angels, each and every one of them.

Keep it up team!


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