Second Week Day Six

Everyone’s got something! Ido with the biggest gamble in choosing his site has reached the dwelling floor of what seems to be a Hellenistic factory installation – a bunch of grinding stones, spatulas, coins, and walls. Omer has a Persian coin, mud brick walls, and the JNF cleared trees so he could dig. Keren has coins and a loom weight. Boaz has coins and a bronze chisel. Efrat has walls being examined on both levels, and coins, which seem to indicate one building is Byzantine. Everyone comes back smiling!

Oded talked about the name Azekah, while Yuval and Leora  explained the significance of pottery and how it is drawn from a sherd, and the latest technology for illustration and analysis.

The internet is working so I hope soon all those who promised they would post their thoughts and pictures will do so!

Remember this blog is linked to our facebook page, website and youtube channel which will fill with content soon! The weekly presentations prepared by each area’s crew will be posted on facebook. Loads of fun!

In the meantime these walls have us all thinking… John on the right is absorbing all the thoughts in the square… more to come tomorrow!  Image


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