Our first Aussie words!

From: Andrew Pleffer <andrew.pleffer@gmail.com>

G’day everyone,

A short update of what has happened in the squares down under in S2 (Azekah South, lower section). We’ve been digging for a week and a bit now and things are starting to pop up all over. We were expecting to find walls and architecture in our area because digital radar sensed disturbances in the soil earlier, and our team have not disappointed. So far we have uncovered many stones some are deep and others not so deep and it looks like we might have some large fortress like walls appearing deep below the surface in one of the squares and what appears to be mud brick material in many of the other squares. We are quickly becoming fans of architecture. Very exciting! We also have some amazing small finds including a beautiful blue bead and a couple of flint blades coming out with Alisha and Doris working hard and patiently scrapping and dusting back what looks like it might be a surface, is it connected to the stones of the wall? Maybe, but only digging will tell us more.




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