Day Ten: Azekah East Paydirt!

It started as a regular day. In most sections work continues, areas are expanding. On top Ido is expanding the area of the building he found and reaching more walls and floor area with objects, including a series of “rollers” which so far we know of no parallel. Everyone else is happy with progress and think they are finding walls and floors.

After days of digging in modern fill, and removing layers of rocks showing more rocks– some stones appeared in a line on the slope of Azekah East up in Parker’s  section. Oded looked at the hillside and suggested that there should be a continuation. We scraped off a section of hill. Paydirt! This dig has found ancient fortifications!!!!

Now we start to uncover them…

Tomorrow is the weekly tour of the whole site with the whole group, joined by Socho (who have enjoyed great finds in the last two days).

Stay tuned!!


One thought on “Day Ten: Azekah East Paydirt!

  1. It is nice to read about the excavation. I am joining from Sunday and are looking forward to meeting people and helping. Getting board while having to wait in jerusalem. Seen and done everything there is to see. Regards Marius Breytenbach (south africa)

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