Day 13 – Catching Up

The fast day of Tisha B’Av slowed our writing pace, so let’s just happily announce that architectural features have been found in every area, and hints of destruction floor spaces seem to be coming to light. At the top of the hill Ido Koch’s area has produced 200 finds from the floor area, with wet sifting required, and recording details which demand the complete attention of the total station manned by Surveyor  Shatil. GIS work will then be able to reproduce the installations and objects on the floor and recreate this massive structure commanding the hilltop.

The vast amounts of pottery being “read” and interpreted each day is gradually leading to conclusions about the buildings and fortifications coming to light on three sides of the hill, but area leaders are wisely reserving judgment. About 1000 objects so far are boxed and bagged and will require research and lab work, according to Leora Freud, with 3-4 inscriptions of different types.

From tomorrow I will begin to take a little break from digging to briefly visit each section myself, which will help me share news with you. Pictures are steadily coming to our facebook page – have a look!

On Friday  we were honored by a visit form the Australian Ambassador,  and new faces are here this week, mostly from Germany led by Prof. Manfred Oeming, with a touch of South Africa and elsewhere. All told about 300 volunteers will work here this season.




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