Tarah Van De Wiele’s Azekah Top 10!

 Thank you for such an amazing experience which I cannot wait to have again!
My Azekah top 10:1. Sunrise witnessed from the Tel every morning. Why is sunrise so much more amazing when you are digging a hole in the ground? 2. Work that is so hard I actually never thought about my thesis. Impossible. 3. I found things in the dirt almost immediately. Instant gratification! 4. Staring at the ground while the metal detector picks up….love that moment. 5. A banquet for royals that happened to be our breakfast every morning–thank you! 6. The energy and spirit of the team–you are wonderful. 7. Hebrish. 8. Air con in the cabins. Air con in the class room. Air con on the bus. Bless you. 9. Being hopelessly filthy within 10 minutes is liberating. 10. Being in and among all walks of ancient Near Eastern studies on an archaeological dig is an inspiring example for all of the academy. Shalom! Tarah Van De Wiele

Published by azekah

A 13-acre site, in the Judean Lowlands, with hopes for a better future.

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