French views on Azekah’s expedition

French views on Azekah’s expedition
“Four French students taking part in the dig? We want your thoughts on how it’s going!”
Well, we attended the first two weeks of the dig, and now that we are back in France, here are our answers… without our French accent and rudeness, but still, with honesty!
First we want to thank everyone for their kindness… We even find our supervisors cute!
Our favorite times in the day were the breakfast and the beer after dinner and the lecture in the evening (the food was great, we are impressed). Digging itself was fun, when the sun was not too hot!
We have mixed feelings about the guest lectures and the mid-week tours: for some of us, it’s too much (the schedule is pretty intense), for others, it’s very interesting to have multiple views on how to excavate, how to do archeological research, how to focus on various aspects of the area, and so on.
Our worse moments? Bringing the tools to the digging areas and back, the sporadic WiFi, the warmth during the last hours of the dig… But those are only details, we actually are very thankful to the staff for their incredible work.
We already are trying to plan to come next season.
Camille, David, Guilhem and Sophie
If you read french, please have a look at our blog,
And our home university is the Institut protestant de théologie, in Paris, “

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