Join a Dig This Summer: Registration will Open soon for 2016 Tel Azekah Archaeological Season

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Ever wanted to be an archaeologist? Want to get a great tan, get fit, lose some weight and spend a summer touring the Holy Land? Want to get college credits for learning about real archaeology? Then come join the international coalition of universities and colleges excavating thisContinue reading “Join a Dig This Summer: Registration will Open soon for 2016 Tel Azekah Archaeological Season”

Registration for the 2014 Azekah Season Coming Soon…

The 2014 Tel Azekah archaeological excavation season is just around the corner, and registration will open soon. Please watch this space for information about the 2014 dig season, registration, costs, exciting weekend travel, course credit, midweek lectures by some of the world’s leading scholars, and much more.

Day 16 Revelations

Well, the cumulative effort of weeks is showing. A water cistern or water system was detected in Omer’s section close to closing time and will be explored more tomorrow, and maybe for days. A riddle was solved: Why were there Byzantine coins in mud bricks of what was apparently an Iron Age structure? The mudContinue reading “Day 16 Revelations”

French views on Azekah’s expedition

French views on Azekah’s expedition “Four French students taking part in the dig? We want your thoughts on how it’s going!” Well, we attended the first two weeks of the dig, and now that we are back in France, here are our answers… without our French accent and rudeness, but still, with honesty! First we want toContinue reading “French views on Azekah’s expedition”

Tarah Van De Wiele’s Azekah Top 10!

Tarah Van De WieleThe Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition  Thank you for such an amazing experience which I cannot wait to have again! My Azekah top 10:1. Sunrise witnessed from the Tel every morning. Why is sunrise so much more amazing when you are digging a hole in the ground? 2. Work that is so hard IContinue reading “Tarah Van De Wiele’s Azekah Top 10!”