Join a Dig This Summer: Registration will Open soon for 2016 Tel Azekah Archaeological Season

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Ever wanted to be an archaeologist? Want to get a great tan, get fit, lose some weight and spend a summer touring the Holy Land? Want to get college credits for learning about real archaeology? Then come join the international coalition of universities and colleges excavating thisContinue reading “Join a Dig This Summer: Registration will Open soon for 2016 Tel Azekah Archaeological Season”

Registration for the 2014 Azekah Season Coming Soon…

The 2014 Tel Azekah archaeological excavation season is just around the corner, and registration will open soon. Please watch this space for information about the 2014 dig season, registration, costs, exciting weekend travel, course credit, midweek lectures by some of the world’s leading scholars, and much more.

Nearing the End

Dear Readers, The amount of finds has made the excavators concerned about publishing pictures before items go through scientific analysis and review. If they have not, anyone can publish a scientific paper about it before the editio princeps is prepared. And mistakes are often made in early assumption. Therefore this blog went through an editContinue reading “Nearing the End”

Meet Our Volunteers: Graham Walker, England

Graham Walker Age 64 Aldershot, Hampshire, England Profession: Builder, Food Distributor AZK: What have you been doing in the excavation and how did you get here? GW: Digging holes in the ground,  moving buckets of earth! This is my first dig. Two years ago I was talking to Ronnie McCracken about his Ramat Rachel excavation experience.Continue reading “Meet Our Volunteers: Graham Walker, England”

Days 18-19 The World Around Us

“We have achieved 250 percent of what we expected.” “What you have here in Area E- Azekah East- would satisfy me for the end of the season. Here we are with three weeks still to go!” Comments like these by Prof. Oded Lipschits in the past few days give a taste of the way weContinue reading “Days 18-19 The World Around Us”

Day 17 Archaeology in Word and Image by Sanna Miller

The following poem and photographs are by Area S-2 excavator and University of Iowa student Sanna Miller, who reflected on the Azekah excavation thus far. Our heavy bodies pull themselves into somewhat standing positions as the sky sings four a.m. We make our way to the coffee to the bus to the site to theContinue reading “Day 17 Archaeology in Word and Image by Sanna Miller”

Day 16 Revelations

Well, the cumulative effort of weeks is showing. A water cistern or water system was detected in Omer’s section close to closing time and will be explored more tomorrow, and maybe for days. A riddle was solved: Why were there Byzantine coins in mud bricks of what was apparently an Iron Age structure? The mudContinue reading “Day 16 Revelations”