Join a Dig This Summer: Registration will Open soon for 2016 Tel Azekah Archaeological Season

Student discovers ancient vessel at Tel Azekah.
Student discovers ancient vessel at Tel Azekah.

Looking for something fun to do this summer?

Ever wanted to be an archaeologist?

Want to get a great tan, get fit, lose some weight and spend a summer touring the Holy Land?

Want to get college credits for learning about real archaeology?

Then come join the international coalition of universities and colleges excavating this summer at Tel Azekah!

Registration is now open for the 2014 Season at Tel Azekah. (See tab at top of page for details.)

As recently featured on the History channel, Tel Azekah is the newest, biggest, and most centrally located excavation in Israel.

And this year, we have a new base camp at Kibutz Gal On, only minutes away from the tel.

So register today for the 2014 Season at Tel Azekah.


Registration for the 2014 Azekah Season Coming Soon…

Final Day at Tel Azekah 2013
Final Day at Tel Azekah 2013

The 2014 Tel Azekah archaeological excavation season is just around the corner, and registration will open soon.

Please watch this space for information about the 2014 dig season, registration, costs, exciting weekend travel, course credit, midweek lectures by some of the world’s leading scholars, and much more.

Images of Effort and Discovery

Some images have been cleared by the staff from independent pictures and those posted on Facebook. Enjoy!

Matt focuses and finds

How does it feel to find an ancient pot?

pot in a destruction layer- snapshot of life the moment before

Sanna Miller in her element