Second Week Day Six

Everyone’s got something! Ido with the biggest gamble in choosing his site has reached the dwelling floor of what seems to be a Hellenistic factory installation – a bunch of grinding stones, spatulas, coins, and walls. Omer has a Persian coin, mud brick walls, and the JNF cleared trees so he could dig. Keren hasContinue reading “Second Week Day Six”

Meet Our Diggers: Rachael Downey, Australia

Rachael Downey 21 years old Macquarie University, Sydney. Australia Studying, BA Dip. Ed. Majoring in Ancient History ——————————————– AZ: How do you find yourself here? RD: I always wanted to come to Israel, and, I always wanted to join an archaeological dig. I took a course in the ancient history of Israel. When I missedContinue reading “Meet Our Diggers: Rachael Downey, Australia”

Shatil Speaks: An Overview of Week One

Shatil Emmanuilov is the archaeological surveyor of Tel Azekah. While his colleagues are square managers, Shatil supports them all by taking measurements and helping record the excavation as it descends lower and lower in each section. This is most important to properly understanding the historical layers and architecture that is uncovered. As a roving reporter, soContinue reading “Shatil Speaks: An Overview of Week One”

Meet Our Diggers: Gili Kuperberg

Gili Kuperberg Age 25 From: Kiryat Ono First year student at TAU AZ: Gili, what got you started in archaeology? GK: From childhood I was always intersted in history- National Geographic, programs. I did not get any of this in school- my pursuit was on my own. AZ: How did you get to this excavation?Continue reading “Meet Our Diggers: Gili Kuperberg”

Third Day

People are sinking into their squares and their work flow, and developing sensitivity and skills. Mine so far is sandbag filling and placement. I hope to open a company servicing the industry. More important  is the sensitivity  of the people excavating with pickaxe, trowel and brush who notice the color of the earth or theContinue reading “Third Day”

Second Day

It was wonderful to drive from Nes Harim seeing the bright stars, and then walk up with cool breezes at first light. Everyone was also heartened and appreciative of the consideration that we would end by 12 to avoid the intense heat. What is more exciting are the first finds! A bronze Scytho-Iranian arrowhead, hardContinue reading “Second Day”