Day 13 – Catching Up

The fast day of Tisha B’Av slowed our writing pace, so let’s just happily announce that architectural features have been found in every area, and hints of destruction floor spaces seem to be coming to light. At the top of the hill Ido Koch’s area has produced 200 finds from the floor area, with wetContinue reading “Day 13 – Catching Up”

Day Ten: Azekah East Paydirt!

It started as a regular day. In most sections work continues, areas are expanding. On top Ido is expanding the area of the building he found and reaching more walls and floor area with objects, including a series of “rollers” which so far we know of no parallel. Everyone else is happy with progress andContinue reading “Day Ten: Azekah East Paydirt!”

Our first Aussie words!

From: Andrew Pleffer <> G’day everyone, A short update of what has happened in the squares down under in S2 (Azekah South, lower section). We’ve been digging for a week and a bit now and things are starting to pop up all over. We were expecting to find walls and architecture in our area because digital radarContinue reading “Our first Aussie words!”

Day Eight

Satisfaction is on everyone’s face. Work is progressing, walls are being revealed, coins are being found which are always wonderful, and great for dating when in a context – today we found a Hasmonean coin in Lower Azekah East! And there we are once again peeling away layers of walls, occasionally with a sledgehammer, whichContinue reading “Day Eight”

Second Week Day Six

Everyone’s got something! Ido with the biggest gamble in choosing his site has reached the dwelling floor of what seems to be a Hellenistic factory installation – a bunch of grinding stones, spatulas, coins, and walls. Omer has a Persian coin, mud brick walls, and the JNF cleared trees so he could dig. Keren hasContinue reading “Second Week Day Six”

Meet Our Diggers: Rachael Downey, Australia

Rachael Downey 21 years old Macquarie University, Sydney. Australia Studying, BA Dip. Ed. Majoring in Ancient History ——————————————– AZ: How do you find yourself here? RD: I always wanted to come to Israel, and, I always wanted to join an archaeological dig. I took a course in the ancient history of Israel. When I missedContinue reading “Meet Our Diggers: Rachael Downey, Australia”