Weekend Tours

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Discover Israel with Azekah

The price of the weekend tours includes accommodation, breakfast, and entry fees to various attractions and parks. Each tour is lead by the esteemed Lisa Yehuda, who speaks Hebrew, English, and German. Each tour has the capacity for 30 people.

They include the following:

Weekend One: Jerusalem and the Dead Sea 

July 21-23

Day One: Journey to Jerusalem! Tour goers will have the opportunity to explore the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, discover the Hurva Synagogue and Byzantine Cardo, and dine in the Old Quarter. Stay in the famous Abraham Hostel. Discover more at http://bit.ly/23eMbkd

Day Two: Take in the view over the city from the David Citadel and explore the model of Jerusalem. Take a walk along Southern City wall and then discover the City of David, Tombs of Abshalom and Zacharias, Gethsemane Church, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Cistern of Helena, then end the day with Western Wall Shabbat Celebrations.

Day Three: Immerse yourself in the wonder of archaeology with tours of Masada, En Gedi, and Qumran. Follow your tours with a trip to Kalia Beach (beauty, mud, swimming! No diving!), Optional: Stop in Jerusalem and short tour in Mishkenot Shaananim

Total Cost: 900 NIS

weekend tours 2 (1)

Weekend Two: Sea of Galilee, Gamla, Nazareth, Akko and Caesarea

July 28-30

This weekend tour will leave directly from Kibbutz Galon on Thursday and return Saturday. Those who wish to join this tour must do so from the Kibbutz.

Day One: Arrive in Tiberias

Day Two: Wonder the Mount of Beatitudes, explore the sites of the New Testament at Tabgha (Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes and Mensa Christi, Capernaum, Gamla, (optional: visit at Sussita), boat trip on the Sea of Galilee, with a sunset end at Ein Gev in the evening. Relax in the marvellous surrounds of Aviv Hotel in Tiberias, http://bit.ly/1NaLonU

Day Three: Take in the sights at Nazareth (Church of the Annunciation, short walk through the market, St. Gabriel Church), Akko (Hospitaller Compound, Turkish Bath, al Jazzar Mosque, and end the day at Caesarea (aqueduct and site).

Total Cost: 1000 NIS

weekend tours 3 (1)

Cancellation policy for both weekend tours:

It is possible to cancel your weekend registration 17 days before the weekend tour. Tour cancellations that are made within 16 days of the tour will incur at 50% cancellation fee.

Each weekend tour requires extensive planning and commitments to vendors such as reserved accommodation, buses, site entrance tickets etc. As result, cancellations must account for these non-refundable fees.

If you would like to register for a weekend tour, please email azekah.excavations@gmail.com with your preferred tour(s) and dates, and the subject heading, ‘Weekend Tour Reservations’.

We look forward to exploring the beauty of Israel together, this July-August!



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