When embarking upon an archaeological expedition in Israel, volunteers often have a number of questions that relate to travel dates, airport arrival, payments, our cancellation policy, their time in Israel, and departure.

To make this information more freely available, we have answered a number frequently asked questions. If however, you are unable to find your answer here or elsewhere on the website, feel free to email us at azekah.excavations@gmail.com

To discover more about life during the season, download our  Azekah Information Pack.

Planning Your Arrival in Israel

Q: When should I book my flights?

A: Each new week of the excavation begins on a Sunday afternoon. As such, we strongly recommend that you plan your arrival in Israel for before your scheduled start date.  This affords you some time to adjust to any time zone changes, settle in, and ensures that you will be able to meet the Saturday bus before it departs for the excavation.

In Israel, from sundown Friday until Saturday evening, the country rests for Shabbat. So from late afternoon on Friday until sun down Saturday night, travel around Israel can be difficult. Many public transport services do not operate on Saturday. However if you do arrive during Shabbat, taxi’s still run from the airport to major city centres.

Q: Do you have a shuttle service to the airport? Can someone pick me up from the airport?

A: The excavation does not have a shuttle service, nor do we provide airport pick up. Once you arrive in Israel, you are able to take a train or a taxi to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

We will open a Facebook event closer to the season that you are welcome to join. Feel free to post your travel details to the event page to see if there are other volunteers on your flight. Often volunteers travel on similar flights and can share taxis or the train journey from the airport together.

The only transportation that the excavation provides is the bus journey to the site from Tel Aviv/Jerusalem on Saturday afternoon/Thursday afternoon. There are more details regarding this service in the Information Pack.

Q: Do I need any documents to enter Israel?

A: Once your payment for the excavation is complete and your registration finalized, you will receive a formal letter that invites you to join the excavation. This letter will include your full name and will be signed by Professor Oded Lipschits. Be sure to print this letter and present it to immigration when you arrive in Israel.

Payments and Cancellations

Q: When do I have to pay for the excavation?

A: Volunteers who register before March 15 are required to pay May 15, 2019.

Volunteers who register after May 15 will have ten business days after receiving their invoice to submit payment to the excavation. Any (unexplained) delays in the payment may unfortunately compromise an individual’s registration.

Q: What does my payment fee cover the cost of?

A: The excavation fee at Azekah accounts for your field accommodation at Netiv Ha-Lamed He.

  • Accommodation at Netiv Ha-Lamed He Sunday night through to Friday afternoon (for the duration of your registration),
  • Food (3 meals a day, as well as Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea),
  • Weekly tours to neighbouring archaeological sites (every Tuesday),
  • Access to on-site guest lectures (four a week)
  • Transport from TLV/Jerusalem to the excavation accommodation each week
  • Transport to and from the archaeological site, Sunday through to Friday,
  • An excavation t-shirt.

Q: Do I incur a fee if I cancel my registration?

A: Volunteers who cancel their registration before May 15 will receive a full refund minus a $50 USD cancellation fee.

Alternatively, cancellations from May 15 to June 30th receive a full refund, minus a $100 cancellation fee for each week, and a $50 USD registration and banking fee.

Cancellations after July 1 receive a full refund, minus a $200 cancellation fee for each week, and a $50 USD registration and banking fee.

Cancellation during the season or without announcement: no refund.

Q: Who has to pay for the tax associated with the bank transfer?

A: Volunteers are responsible for accounting for the cost of any tax generated by their preferred form of payment.

The Excavation

Q: Can I connect to other volunteers prior to the excavation start date?

A: Definitely! Head to our Facebook page follow our page. We invite you to post, chat, and share travel details in the event to network with other volunteers.

Q: When will I receive an equipment list and the details for the Saturday afternoon bus?

A: Information regarding equipment, transport, and the excavation schedule will be sent to all registered volunteers in June.

Q: Can people volunteer who are under the age of 18?

A: We do accept volunteers of many ages, a legal guardian must accompany volunteers aged between 12-15. Volunteers who are 16-17 must submit a signed form of consent by a legal guardian alongside a photocopy of their guardian’s passport.

Q: Can I request roommates?

A: Absolutely! Attach to your registration your roommate preferences. Alternatively, feel free to email us at azekah.excavations@gmail.com with your request. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but in some cases it may not be possible.

Q: If I have excavated at Azekah in the past, can I request to dig in the same area?

A: If you’re past excavation area is active, than you definitely can submit your preference. It would be ideal if you include this request in your registration, but feel free to email azekah.excavations@gmail.com with your request. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but in some cases it may not be possible.

Q: Where do I stay on the weekends?

A: Across the weekend, volunteers are required to vacate the Field School. Buses depart from Netiv Ha-Lamed He to either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon, where volunteers are invited to organize their own weekend accommodation.

A break from the site affords volunteers with the opportunity to explore Israel’s many sites and customize their weekend experience.

It is not possible to stay at the Netiv Ha-Lamed He over the weekend. Please be sure to organise your accommodation on weekends. The excavation assumes no responsibility for any plans arranged outside of the excavation working week.

Planning Your Departure from Israel

Q: When should I book my flights back home?

A: As with any arrivals in Israel, the excavation does not provide any transport to the airport. The bus will return you to either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem (your preference) on the Thursday afternoon of your final registered week at the dig.

The bus returns to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem late in the afternoon, and can sometimes be caught in traffic.

So if you choose to leave Israel on the your final day, we strongly recommend you fly later at night. This way you can ensure that you will be able to arrive at the airport and travel through security with time to make your flight.

Q: How early before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

A: Airport security in Israel is rigorous, so we recommend that you arrive at the airport 3 to 3 1/2 hours, before your flight.


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