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Join us from July 16 – August 11, 2023!

What We Find

Since excavations began in 2012, Azekah has yielded new, and exciting archaeological finds! In the upcoming season, our team will continue to reveal the monumental remains of temples, palaces, and fortification systems, as well as uncover rare and precious artifacts such as intact vessels, coins, seals, and more!

The Azekah experience also allows our students and volunteers to learn the processes associated with excavation as well as the treatment of archaeological artifacts; from careful excavation in the field to analysis in the lab, and onto registration, photography, and drawing at Tel Aviv University before finally reaching publication!

Where We Work

Located in the heart of the Judean Lowlands of Israel, Tel Azekah is an important site that was occupied some 3500 years, from the Early Bronze Age to the Byzantine Period.

Tel Azekah also played a significant role in the biblical texts, appearing as the arena for the battle between David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:1), and as target of the Assyrian campaign led by Sennacherib, and the Babylonian seige under Nebuchadnezzar (Jeremiah 34:7).

According to Nehemiah 11:30, Tel Azekah was resettled by Judeans in the Persian period, and continued to be populated in the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, when it was listed in the Madaba map as Beit Zechariah. The title of the Tel was preserved in the name of the nearby Arab village, as well as in today’s Moshav Zekhariah.

Who We Are

Our international team includes archaeologists, historians, students, scientists, and people just looking for a little adventure!

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What is life like at Tel Azekah?

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