Field School

Every year, the Tel Azekah Expedition offers a fieldwork course which provides students with the practical and theoretical skills necessary for field archaeology. The course, offered over four weeks, is accredited by Tel Aviv University for 3 credit points and provides classroom and fieldwork training in archaeology and history, allowing students to earn university credit while they excavate in Israel. While the courses are recognized by Tel Aviv University, their credit value at another institution is at the discretion of that institution.

The course offered is “Introduction to Field Archaeology”, coordinated by Dr. Abra Spiciarich, Nitsan Shalom, and Alex Wrathall.

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the theory and practical skills that are associated with field archaeology. The course covers four major topics, presented by specialists in the areas of field assessment and practice, reading and writing field reports, identifying and assessing pottery, and archaeological drawing and surveying.

The goal of the course is to supply students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge required to conduct an archaeological excavation. The lectures will be delivered on Sundays and Tuesdays during the evening. Registered students are required to complete assigned tasks in the field under the guidance of their Area Supervisor. Students apply their acquired skills through the submission of a final archaeological report. Final grades are to be determined through an assessment of the quality of the final report, completed tasks, attendance, and participation in class.

All lectures are free and open to all our students and excavation team members to attend.


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