Tour Tel Azekah

Located in the heart of the Judean Lowland (347 meters above sea level), Tel Azekah wasAzekah.View once the control point of a strategic junction of roads. As such, it should be unsurprising that the views from Tel Azekah are unparalleled, drawing hundreds of visitors to the site each and every year.

To further inform and enrich the experience of visitors to Tel Azekah, The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition has complied a document which details each area of excavation. Tour guides, tourists, and educators, are encouraged to download our ‘Guide to Azekah’. The guide details the periods of occupation at Azekah, the finds and architecture of our opening seasons, and reveals what the Biblical text has to say about this rare and unique site.

For more information relating to Tel Azekah, to learn how to excavate with us, or to make a donation towards the project, feel free to contact the team online at

Download your guide to Azekah

In English: Tour.Azekah

In German: Tour.Azekah.Deutsch

In Hebrew: Tour.Azekah.Hebrew.עברית

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