Participants of the 2018 Lautenschläger Azekah Archaeological Expedition will stay at the Zafit Field School in Kfar Menahem, during the week.

The Zafit Field School in Kfar Menahem is conveniently situated a short 16 kilometers from Tel Azekah. This means that journey between the site and the Field School is an easy 17 minute bus ride each day, without roads that wind up and down mountains.

Rooms are designed to room four people, and is fully equipped with air conditioning.

There are two room types available for volunteers.

  • Shared room of four people (with en suite shower and toilet)
    • Price Per Week: 2,000 NIS 
  • Shared room of four people (with communal shower and toilet between several rooms) [Limited Availability]
    • Price Per Week: 1,800 NIS

It is at Zafit Field School where we will wash pottery, process the finds from our fieldwork, have our afternoon activities and lectures, and just relax.

Wednesday nights are a celebration for the project, with a ‘Find of the Week’ presentation and a special evening dinner and drinks.

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