The Tel Azekah Excavation team is built on an international mix of archaeologists, historians, scholars, scientists, students and volunteers, who travel from across the globe every year to join us in the field.

The excavation is lead by our three Directors, Prof. Oded Lipschits of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Manfred Oeming of Heidelberg University, and Dr. Yuval Gadot of Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Oded Lipschits, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Yuval Gadot, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Manfred Oeming, Tel Aviv University

Alongside the excavation leaders is our team of administration and fieldwork specialists. It is our privilege to work with Dr. Liora Freud as our excavation Registrar and Ceramics Expert, and our incredible administrative team of Maddison Quail-Gates and Shai Berk!

Dr. Liora Freud
Registrar and Ceramicist
Maddison Quail-Gates
Shai Berk

Meet the 2020 Team

Area W1

Area Supervisor: Abra Spiciarich

Area Assistant: Maddison Quail-Gates

Area S3

Area Supervisor: Helena Roth

Area Assistants: Shai Berk, Daniel Nam and Itay Sharir

Area E3 Upper

Area Supervisor: Nitsan Shalom

Area Assistants: Kamal Morad

Excavation Partner Institutions

It is our great pleasure and honour to work with a multitude of quality academic institutions. Our partner universities are essential to the continued development of the Azekah project.

Our Partner Institutions are represented by leading academics and include;


Heidelberg University: Prof. Manfred Oeming

University of Tübingen: Prof. Dr. Jakob Wöhrle
and Sabine Kleiman

Czech Republic

Charles University: Dr. Filip Čapek, Dr. Petr Sláma, and Prof. Martin Prudký

United States of America

Notre Dame University: Prof. Abraham Winitzer


Université Laval: Prof. Jonathan Bourgel

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