Day 16 Revelations

Well, the cumulative effort of weeks is showing. A water cistern or water system was detected in Omer’s section close to closing time and will be explored more tomorrow, and maybe for days. A riddle was solved: Why were there Byzantine coins in mud bricks of what was apparently an Iron Age structure? The mud brick wall washed down and later material got stuck in it. This can be seen in the section- the clear cut of the excavation square side. So the wall is indeed from the biblical period.

A gate in the wall my be visible in Keren’s upper southern section. On the west a series of walls and floor and mud brick walls have been found all over the hillside, and seems to be Iron Age or earlier. On top of the hill more and more finds appear, today including great coins. And in the east, we are opening up more areas as some kind of built system or system are being revealed by painstaking slow work.

Future visitors to Azekah will definitely gain from seeing some of these structures dating between 1500 and 3700 years ago and associating them with the historical events and texts.

We have new volunteers from Heidelberg and other German universities, England, and elsewhere. CoDirector Prof. Manfred Oeming’s presence has started to be felt.

Tomorrow the weekly tour visits Socho who finished their first season today.

On our Facebook and Youtube sites you can see a great video Bob Cargill filmed when a lemelekh MMST jar handle came out of a wall and Omer Sergey took the time to explain it.  Enjoy!


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A 13-acre site, in the Judean Lowlands, with hopes for a better future.

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